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Not All Martial Arts are Created Equal.

Shaolin-Do is the original blend of hard and soft arts, developing internal and external strength simultaneously. It doesn’t rely on body rigidity to develop power like Karate, but instead generates forces from natural body mechanics and circular movements.

Shaolin-Do is more than just a fighting art, it is a way of perfecting oneself. By studying the efficiency and balance that exists within nature, we gain understanding and respect for all life. The ancient Chinese observed the diverse fighting strategies of the animal kingdom, and realized that like animals, people also required fighting techniques suited to their unique physical statures.

Masters of Life

Thus was born the animal fighting systems. These techniques had already been tested in nature and since have been orally passed within the Shaolin tradition. Throughout history, the Shaolin monks have been the most feared fighters in Asia, but even more famous is their long standing love of peace, virtue and honor. The long standing 1500 year history of the Shaolin temple and their famous reputation can be attributed to an ability to train not only deadly fighters, but masters of life.

What Will You Learn? flying

Shaolin-Do students practice open hand forms, self-defense, weapons, sparring, meditation, strength training, and aerobic conditioning. This dynamic approach allows for rapid advancement in fighting skill, balance, dexterity, and endurance. In the final analysis one must look at the fighting effectiveness of a martial art. Shaolin-Do stays true to its temple roots as an art of survival, not of sport. If one is to determine the lethality of an art, one should look at the techniques being practiced. All Shaolin-Do forms have neck, knee, and elbow breaks. They utilize strikes to vital areas (pressure points) and teach multiple attacker strategies. In order to survive a multiple attacker situation, every blow must be capable of completely disabling a person. That ability only comes from iron bone (palm, shin, forearm, etc.) training, great strength (internal and external), and a complete knowledge of the human anatomical weak points. Compare this to many of the competition and sport oriented martial arts so popular today.

Before attaining black belt the student will learn 21 long forms covering 7 different open hand systems and 6 weapons. This provides a rich background of techniques and styles to call upon.

Reasons to Pick Shaolin-Do Over All the Others…

Shaolin-Do wants you to train as often as you can.

We don’t limit your schedule for our teaching convenience. We want your training to become a part of your lifestyle so you may attend any class.

Most Schools Limit Your Training Time.

They charge high prices but they set limits, rules and regulations on your attendance. If you want additional training time, they force you to sign a longer contract and raise your tuition. One monthly contract with Shaolin-Do lets you attend any class time offered.

Shaolin-Do teaches you more material.

Shaolin-Do has more material to learn before reaching black belt than most schools teach in their entire curriculum. Furthermore, the material taught up to the black belt level represents only 10% of Shaolin-Do’s vast body of knowledge.  The skills and forms are taught in a logical and progressive way, so that all students, regardless of their initial physical ability, will achieve skill levels beyond their expectations.  In Shaolin-Do, the depth of material gives students many opportunities for self-discovery.

Shaolin-Do has excellent teachers.

Each class has multiple instructors in order to provide a more personal learning environment.  The teachers are knowledgeable, motivating and friendly. Students with previous martial art experience tell me that our school has an atmosphere like no other they have tried.

Shaolin-Do provides well-equipped training spaces. The training spaces are large and safe.