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What is Kung Fu? Kung Fu is a generic term for Chinese Martial Arts. Students gain the benefits of:

  • Simple, practical solutions for self defense
  • Great physical shape
  • Increased flexibility
  • An energized and motivated feeling
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The Shaolin Temple was a Buddhist temple originally built sometime between 386 and 534 A.D., but most agree that it was completed around 495 A.D. At its peak, the Shaolin Temple was one of the largest monasteries in all of China. A red brick wall enclosed rows of large halls and pagodas, as well as many smaller buildings. There were training halls, meditation halls, shrines, libraries, dormitories, and kitchens, as well as other buildings used for everyday life.The Shaolin Temples were the equivalent of universities for the martial arts. Masters were professors, each of them a specialist in a particular area of training. Temples were known for a particular style, just like medical schools of today. Monks at each temple still practiced the forms from the other temples, but they specialized in the style for which their particular temple was known for. Pictured above: the old Masters taken in Fukien temple in the south. These men were the teachers of Su Kong Tai Djin

Over the course of time, an untold amount of martial knowledge was housed at the Shaolin temples. In order to better systemize this material, the techniques, motions and fighting applications of major systems were housed within eighteen forms; medium sized systems were housed within twelve forms; and smaller systems were housed within six or fewer forms.temple1