Shaolin-Do Kung Fu

Kung Fu & Tai Chi



Shaolin-Do Kung Fu and Tai Chi in Newport Beach teach the original blend of hard and soft arts, developing internal and external strength simultaneously. It doesn’t rely on body rigidity to develop power like Karate, but instead generates forces from natural body mechanics and circular movements.

The Kung Fu Experience

An exciting class atmosphere that is always on the move and giving you just the right amount of physical and mental challenge.

The Tai Chi Experience

A Relaxing atmosphere where the focus is always on breathing, balance, posture and releasing tension. You are never too old or young to learn to control your body and expand your mind.

Shaolin-Do students are looking for:

  • A Life-long challenge
  • Daily opportunity to learn and grow
  • An organizing principle for their life
  • A realistic and fascinating way to defend themselves and feel safer
  • Vibrant health and endless energy
  • Involvement in a traditional and ancient system of knowledge

Does Tai Chi Work?

Tai Chi work’s its stress relief magic by teaching each student a new type of attention and open awareness. Rather than the scattered inner mental world that most of us suffer in, the Tai Chi open awareness state is mentally peaceful while physically relaxed and balanced.

If these goals match your own then you’re an Orange County Shaolin-Do student who just hasn’t joined yet. Nearly every one of our adult students use these terms to describe their reasons for training at our school. If this describes you, then at the Newport Beach Shaolin-Do you will find a community of people that think like you, train like you, play like you, and are seeking a better life, just like you.

Tai Chi Classes- Through the City of Costa Mesa Rec. Center- Click HERE to register.

Call or text Shifu Joyce today to schedule your FREE introductory class. (949) phone 300.3616 text 300-3616